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Church Session Team

Rev: Kath Willis
Minister / Safeguarding officer 
One of the verses that I hold as precious is 2 Peter 3:9.....God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance...It matters greatly to me that people are encouraged not only to live in the knowledge of Jesus but also in the fullness and the truth of the Kingdom of God ...and my heart and my prayer life lead me to pray particularly for the downtrodden in society, particularly young women who have not received the support of a loving family and subsequently have children of their own and struggle to nurture the next generation.
Malcolm and I were married in 2000 and together ran a Christian inner city pub called The Cock and Bottle in Bradford. I also took up a position with Christians Against Poverty as an assistant to the Operations Director and then as a debt counsellor/debt centre manager.
On moving to Morecambe in 2006 we joined Fathers House having been made aware of the church years before and feeling that this was where God wanted us to be. I then entered Elim Bible college and was ordained as a minister in June of 2011 and have served at Fathers House since that date.
I have always felt that I was called to minister at what I call the "coal face" and therefore worked for 10 Years for The Olive Branch, a Christian charity in Lancaster as Project Manager, where I had regular opportunities to show the love of Jesus both in word and action.  I retired from that paid work in 2019.
As an itinerant minister based at Fathers House I have travelled to various countries on mission and have ministered in a number of churches throughout the North West.
I am now looking forward to what God is doing with His local church and our communities in the next post pandemic season.
Allan Fetterman
Audio and Vision Desk Leader
Leader in Training (L.I.T)

Allan has been a member of father house since 2006, with his wife and two boys.
During the week he works as a sound and visual engineer installing equipment into churches and schools. He is also a highly valued member of the worship team doing the technical stuff.
Tim Griffiths
Tim Griffiths
Leader in Training (L.I.T)

I was saved in 1986 after an incredible work of God in my life. Honestly, I was reluctant at first as I was seeing almost all my family and relations getting saved in a short space of time, as my sister talked and prayed with them. When I did eventually say yes, Lord, take my life and make me new, it was an evening of great emotion for me. 
Since then I have become a husband, a dad of 3 and recently a Grandpa
I'm a business owner and I also work in rehabilitation of people who have not had the best starts in life and the after effects made it challenging for them to integrate back into society.
As a family we have been at Father's House in Lancaster for several years.
I love to see the Dunamis of God working in the lives of men, women and children.


Team Leaders 
Extended Leadership Team 

Ellen Thurlow
Catering Leader 
Extended Leadership Team

Ellen has been a member at Fathers house for 9 years and had been a member of Huddersfield Elim Church for 32 years. Originally from Huddersfield Ellen moved to Carnforth in 2005 to work at Capernwray Hall as Catering manager.

She has been married to James for 46 years and has 2 grown up daughters and 4 granddaughters. Ellen has a passion for cooking and baking and passing on skills to others but a bigger passion for Jesus to serve Him by serving others and she is delighted to be able to do this in part at least by serving at Fathers House
 chris w  
Chris Whiffen
Maintenance Leader
Extended Leadership Team 

Chris has been a member of Fathers House since 2005 and looks after the maintenance and repair of the building. Prior to this he and his wife Jenny were members of Northampton Elim Church for 26 years where they served in a variety of ministries and Christian charities. They have been married for 54 years and have 2 sons and 7 grand children.


Church Administration

IMG 20220324 170142 Susie Millward Sampson
Church Secretary / Deputy Safeguarding Officer

Susie is married to David and Mum to Michael, Steph and Lottie. A former teacher and now working from home most of the week. She likes to crochet and play the Euphonium in her spare time
Heather Lord
Church Finance Officer
Church Administrator

Heather has been a member of Fathers House since 2007.