Hi Everyone

This Sunday (19th September) we continue our new Sermon Series looking at people who had ‘an encounter’ with Jesus.
We will be looking at Jesus’s encounter with Satan in the desert. (Luke 4:1-14)
And we would love to invite you join us, either ‘in person’ or online.
(Zoom Meeting ID: 258 008 2072 - begins at 10:30am)

Important Notice:
The Greyhound bridge will be closed until 10:00am so if you are travelling from Lancaster centre or south then please be aware!

09:30am - This week we will begin with a ‘free Breakfast’
& refreshments and a chance to catch up with each other.
So feel free to invite friends or mainly along.
10:30am - Video Message - Jesus & Nicodemus
This will be streamed via Zoom for those joining us online.
11:00am - Church family catch up (online & ‘in person’)
Followed by;
Discuss the message in small groups or breakout rooms.
Feedback & testimonies
Prayer & Ministry
12:00pm - Close

See you there!
zoom-logo If  you would like to join with us on Zoom on a Sunday morning at10:30am to connect  hen use the following  

Meeting ID.   258 008 2072
   Click the link below to join the meeting

 Join a Meeting - Zoom

 We would love to see you.